Is your company struggling to recruit, retain, and engage employees?

You are not alone.

Many business leaders describe the same situation; they struggle with attraction, retention and engagement in their lower-wage workforce. Open positions and rapid turnover are a vicious cycle that is disruptive and expensive to your business. On average, companies are spending more than $2,000 in turnover costs per entry-level position. Clearly, there is a competitive advantage for an organization that succeeds in retaining and motivating their lower-wage employees.

Created through extensive research, the Employer Toolkit is a collection of over 60 workplace policies that can help support, stabilize and retain lower-wage employees. The Employer Toolkit search feature can help you identify specific policy recommendations for your workforce. After a quick registration, you can take the first step to save your company time and money as well as gain a deeper understanding of the needs of your workforce.

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